Puzzle: Caliban Conundrum

Looking for the solution to the last problem?

This puzzle, we’ve got another CC-related challenge. For full context you can look at the battle report for the game:


  • Mission: ITS13 Supremacy
  • Forces: Combined Army versus Ramah Task Force
  • Current Turn: Top of 2, Ramah

Combined forces remaining:

Ramah forces remaining:

The Ramah player has two orders left for the undamaged Namurr, which is within 1 short skill of moving into base to base with a damaged Overdron with one structure remaining. If the Namurr moves into base contact with the Overdron, it will also see a Caliban Engineer, out of camo, with 1 wound remaining. It is possible to template both the Overdron and Caliban with light shotgun templates.

The Namurr moves into base contact. What should the Combined player declare as AROs, and what should the Namurr’s second short skill be? The Overdron and Caliban are in the Combined player’s near left quadrant.

Combined Player, Overdron Plasma

  • Overdron declares CC on 16’s – The Namurr is CCing on 21’s, Burst two, with D-Charges. Sketchy at best.
  • Overdron declares plasma hit mode on 10’s – There’s a chance to KO the Namurr here if it templates…
  • Overdron declares dodge on 11’s – Dodge the templates?

Combined Player, Caliban Engineer

  • Dodge on 13’s – Get out of there!
  • SMG on 15’s – Go out in a blaze of glory.
  • Pulzar – Maybe do a wound?

Ramah Player, Namurr Tac Aware

  • CC the Overdron on 21’s – Face to face the tag
  • Template both models – Potentially taking out the Caliban is good
  • Shoot the Caliban directly – For when you really want a dead Caliban
  • Dodge – The Pulzar is scary!


What do you think? Send in your response before October 31, 2022 and be entered into a drawing for a free blister from Shiv Games!

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