Puzzle: Andromeda ARO

Hello and welcome to the first Infinity the Academy puzzle! The premise is to present an interesting scenario from a real game that we feel has no correct answer to generate discussion and ideas about how to “solve” things.

We’ll be doing these from time to time as thought provoking situations arise in games we play, commentate, or hear about.

The first scenario comes to us from Tim and Clint of Tabletop Throwdown, our weekly Infinity commentary show on Twitch and YouTube!

The Setup

  • Active Player: Yu Jing
  • Reactive Player: ALEPH

During deployment, the ALEPH player over-infiltrated Andromeda in a position where she could cover a Krit Kokram & Guijia duo with her Zapper. Krit is in cover. Here are the involved profiles: Guijia (non-Lieutenant), Krit (MULTI FTO), and Andromeda (Infiltration, SMG).

The Yu Jing player activates the duo with the Guijia as link leader and walks the Guijia into base to base with Andromeda. Krit remains stationary for the order, i.e. moves 0 inches. Both Krit and the Guijia are within 8″ during the movement, and Andromeda has line of fire to both as well as the capability to cover both with a template from her Zapper. All three models are at full wounds as this is the start of the game.

What ARO should Andromeda declare!?

Potential ARO Options

  • No ARO – Clearly not a good option
  • Dodge – Probably not great either.
  • Zapper Both – Reasonable, although both could dodge, potentially into close combat, and that might be bad.
  • CC the Guijia – Better odds on the Guijia here, and it’s more likely to survive.
  • CC Krit via Guard – Unopposed roll, reasonable chance to crit and D-charge him off the table
  • Flash Pulse the Guijia – If this works…

There’s no right answer, only wrong ones!!

What Do You Think?

Write in with your response and a quick justification via the following Google Form. We’ll say you have until the end of August 2022 to submit a reply!

Since these puzzles come from real games, we can’t really control how often we’ll get a good one to post. So, we’ll randomly choose a respondent (or multiple if we get a bunch) every quarter to win a prize of some sort. Maybe it’ll be store credit, a patch, a blister, a RCR miniature, who knows! We’re still figuring all that out.

Once we’ve collected the responses, we’ll post them here along with our thoughts. Thanks for hanging out and expressing your opinion on the internet! Oh, and if you have a puzzle to submit, send it in to [email protected]!

Jon (WiseKensai)

I play entirely too many games and write entirely too much about some or all of them. Send help.

6 thoughts on “Puzzle: Andromeda ARO

  • Are we assuming no wounds on any of the 3 troopers?

  • I don’t feel like we have enough information, because the relative value of the three pieces might change depending on the lists and the mission. Do I get work towards some objective by removing Krit from the table? Are there buttons he can push? Are there any backup engineers who can repair the TAG if Krit is down. These questions contribute to the cost/benefit analysis of blowing Krit with D-charges and loosing Andromeda in exchange. I will be tempted to do an exchange if the TAG won’t be able to get repairs and the YJ player’s T1 objective game will be hurt by removing Krit from the game.

    If not, zapper sounds good. If they don’t dodge, 2xBTS/2 saves most likely mean that Krit will not save it, and it’s very questionable for the Guijia, which needs two coin tosses in its favour. This might blunt significantly the T1 onslaught, but I have to include my cost/benefit analysis any other active pieces that YJ can use to hurt me.

    If they dodge and succeed, they will get B2 in CC. Fine, they can do the old trick where they idle and decided which one CCs me after I decide which one I CC. Then, however, I can pick Krit. He will be higher burst on 16 vs 24 if the YJ player decides he is worth saving, and that’s actually not terribly good rolls. Else we go back to the Krit for Andromeda exchange. And that happens only if he succeeds with the dodge the previous order. So I’m not too sad about this scenario.

    1. If I will hurt YJ’s mission play by killing Krit or achieve goals towards mine – I trade Andromeda for Krit
    2. If I will not significantly impact the mission play, I template zapper.

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